Quality Outcomes Framework - QOF

In a busy GP practice we appreciate that it is difficult to ensure that all of your respiratory patients are reviewed regularly and meet all of the QOF targets. This can mean that your practice is losing out on access to funds that are available to maximise patient care.

Respiricare Ltd will ensure that you maximise your surgeryís access to these funds and that your patients are placed on the most appropriate clinical management programme. With our expert experience of managing respiratory patients we are uniquely placed to be able to review this patient group and offer outstanding assessment and review of all your patients with respiratory disease.

By commissioning RespiriCare Ltd to review your patients you can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality expert assessment and diagnosis and free up your already busy GPís and Nursing staff for day to day patient care.

We are also able to audit your clinical notes and ensure that all your respiratory patients are reviewed and placed on the appropriate clinical pathway.

Depending on your specific local respiratory patient population we are able to offer anything from individual patient testing in a patientís own home, if they are incapable of getting to their local surgery, to organising and running several large clinics per year from your surgery in order to offer a full caseload review. This flexibility ensures that all your respiratory patients that are eligible qualify for QOF.

Due to our extensive knowledge in this field we offer assessment of all forms of lung disease that qualify under the QOF targets including not only COPD but Asthma and Smoking Cessation advice and treatment. By using a combination of high tech spirometry and clinical diagnostic techniques we can ensure that all your patients receive the most appropriate information for their condition and maximise the benefits to your practice.

If you are interested in how we can maximise your access to funds for your patients with chronic lung disease please do not hesitate to contact us.