Post (Long) Covid Respiratory Rehabilitation Programme

In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, RespiriCare Limited’s clinical team have developed a bespoke rehabilitation programme for patients who are suffering from long term symptoms following contraction of Coronavirus (Covid-19). The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence & the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network defines ‘long Covid’ as symptoms lasting more than 12 weeks. The current working definition is ‘long Covid patients have signs and symptoms that develop during or following an infection consistent with Covid-19 and continue for more than 12 weeks which are not explained by an alternative diagnosis’.

The early development of the programme was created by Julie Moore our breathing pattern disorder Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist & Natalie Hilliard a specialist Fatigue physiotherapist. We have now trained our senior team to be able to deliver high quality care, all of which have extensive experience in treating patients with chronic lung diseases. A trial of measuring heart rate variability in patients post Covid has given us insights into the possible physiological reasons which may explain some of the common chronic symptoms. It has also influenced the rehabilitation programme we have designed.

The 8-week programme is delivered in a small group setting via live virtual sessions online using Microsoft Teams as a platform. Patients need to be able to access this application via a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The programme helps patients to understand:

  • the way the Coronavirus has affected their body and why they still feel symptoms,
  • the underlying physiology behind this,
  • ways they can recognise if they are breathing optimally or not and how to correct his,
  • how to appropriately manage their activity levels and symptoms of fatigue,
  • how to recognise if they need further help with psychological support.
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