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RespiriCare Ltd offer high-quality education and training in the field of respiratory medicine. All our respiratory courses are designed to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills you need to help you provide the highest quality of care to your respiratory patients. We will give you the support you need to give you the confidence to apply the knowledge and skills you gain into your clinical practice.

In order to enable us to continue to support all our client’s educational needs during the current Covid-19 crisis, and beyond, we have invested heavily in our digital content, and we are pleased to be able to announce our New Online Digital Training Courses.

These have been developed to allow you to train in your own time and at your own pace. You can get the same high-quality training from the comfort of your own home or workplace without the need to stress about sitting in traffic and having to travel to a venue in the height of rush hour!

The courses consist of online training videos that include both theoretical and practical elements that can be repeated as many times as required to help you develop your confidence and consolidate your learning. Our assessed courses also include an online multiple-choice quiz that you can use to monitor your progress and provide you with direct evidence of your learning. All our courses provide you with a certificate of attendance which fit within the “life-long learning” framework and give you the opportunity to reflect upon the training received. This certificate can be used in as part of your own CPD portfolio. These courses are suitable for both individuals and companies requiring teaching for groups of individuals.

Additionally, our bespoke study days have always been an excellent way of consolidating your current skills or updating yourself on the latest clinical guidelines and we are pleased to announce that they are now also available as an Online Live Streaming Event. Using various live streaming applications, we can offer the same high-quality training, that has become to be expected of us, to multiple individuals across multiple different sites. Our clinical educators present the same material, as on our normal study days, by various innovative online methods to provide you with an ideal learning experience in an environment that is convenient for you. All you need is a laptop or mobile device, preferably with a camera, and an internet connection. We offer support to those who are not as well versed in information technology to ensure that we can get you up and running smoothly.

The benefits of our Online Education Training and Live Support Sessions are obvious. The need for unnecessary car journeys helps to reduce the carbon footprint for RespiriCare Ltd, our users and their employers. By reducing the need for unnecessary in travel it allows our clients to manage their time more effectively so that more can be allocated to their patients and their own personal lives. The cost savings are obvious to both the individual and their organisation, and we are proud that we can pass these savings onto our clients.

Our online training has allowed us to protect our staff, our clients and our patients as we believe that their safety is paramount. By embracing online tools, we have been able to continue our training despite lockdown procedures and this will allow us to be able to adapt to any future local lockdown ensuring that your training needs are met no matter where your staff happen to be.

To support you or your staff better, we go one step further with our Online Live Support Sessions. These can be as simple as a one to one session with one of our Specialist Respiratory Practitioners to discuss an individual patient or patients within a clinic to help you or your staff member to develop effective treatment plans or interpret clinical results. If you have a new member of staff who is developing into a new clinical role then we can provide them with the support that they need to become an effective and autonomous member of your team, allowing your other staff to concentrate on providing care to their patients.

For employers we can offer Live Online Support to groups of individuals or staff. These can take the form of open question and answer sessions to discuss any clinical issues that may arise or be in the form of a bespoke training session. The online format allows us to be very adaptable and flexible to the needs of the group.

Of course, we can still offer all our courses in a more traditional ‘classroom’ based environment if this suits your style of learning better. Our courses can be tailored to your specific requirements just please let us know what you need. Our Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapists and Nurses have extensive experience of running educational training sessions. Whether you need a speaker for an evening meeting, a practical workshop, or a large conference we have the knowledge and skills to deliver.

Our Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapist, Kath Plumbe, is our educational lead. As one of a small number of Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapists in the country, she has spoken at large national conferences including the Royal College of Nurses National Congress, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Annual National Conference and the Primary Care Respiratory Society National Conference. She is recognised as an expert in her field and is regularly asked to present at evening GP speaker meetings and run training events for a range of health care professionals including GP’s, Practice Nurses, Community Nurses, Physiotherapists, Health Care Assistants, Community Matrons, Practice Managers and Pharmacists.

Kath has worked as a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton in the past, teaching on both the undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Her invaluable experience has allowed RespiriCare Ltd to continually develop our educational programmes to ensure continued effectiveness and quality.

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Covid Patient Education and Support

In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, RespiriCare Limited’s clinical team have developed a bespoke rehabilitation programme for patients who are suffering from long term symptoms

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