Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an evidenced based programme of care, known to improve the quality of life and exercise tolerance of patients with chronic lung disease as well as reduce a patients need to access to unscheduled care. Pulmonary Rehabilitation typically includes exercise, education and relaxation, with the aim of enabling patients a degree of ability to self-manage their respiratory condition.

We have a wealth of knowledge on the set up, delivery and audit of pulmonary rehabilitation as well as involvement in Masters level research evaluating the delivery of the educational programme.

Our pulmonary rehabilitation study day can be combined with other aspects of respiratory disease management including smoking cessation, oxygen assessment and palliative care. Or it can be combined with disease specific knowledge i.e. COPD, Interstitial lung disease.

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation training can be offered as a separate study afternoon or integrated with other elements of education complementing it.

The training is suitable for anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of pulmonary rehabilitation or is looking to develop a pulmonary rehabilitation service.

The training contains a large practical element and includes:

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation clinical guidance
  • Evidence base for pulmonary rehabilitation
  • How to assess the effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Who benefits and how?
  • Which exercises to choose?
  • Education and self-management plans

The courses are run throughout the year at a variety of venues. If you are interested in attending please email info@respiricare.com for further information on dates and prices.