We can carry out your spirometry for you! This reduces the requirements on your surgery for purchasing, maintaining and the on-going training costs of using this type of equipment. Our spirometers are state of the art and we will provide you with an accurate print out of all of our results and include a report for your patient records, should they be required for any subsequent follow-up appointments.

If your practice already owns a spirometer we are able to offer bespoke training to your staff involved in using this equipment. Training can practical and interactive and include spirometry performance (including contraindications), equipment maintenance (including calibration and infection control) as well as the interpretation of the results. If you would like to discuss your individual training requirements then please click here or should you be interested in one of our training courses then please click here.

We also understand that staff trained in the use of spirometry may require support in the interpretation of some of their results. RespiriCare are able to provide consultancy for individual patients or we can arrange clinics to review multiple patients depending on your staff’s needs.