How do you know that your physiotherapist is fully trained?

It is a legal requirement that all practicing Physiotherapists, or those using the title ‘Physiotherapist’ have to be registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) whose role it is to maintain clinical standards and competency of the professions that they regulate.

In order to be accepted to the register all Physiotherapists complete a three year Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy, or equivalent and this training includes 1000 hours of direct patient experience within a medical based environment. In addition, Physiotherapists are also monitored by their Governing Body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), whose role it is to maintain professional standards and as such members are given the title of ‘Chartered Physiotherapist’.

The RespiriCare team are all registered with the HPC and are Chartered Physiotherapists but also have extensive post-graduation qualifications including Masters of Science degree (MSc) and post-graduate Diplomas.

You can check that your Physiotherapist is registered by checking on the Health Professions Council PC register

If you find that someone is advertising or using the title "Physiotherapist" without registration you can report it directly to the HPC by going to