Lung Age and Lung Health Check

What is a lung health check?

This is an assessment available for anyone worried about their breathing. By evaluating the "health" of your lungs we will be able to ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment for your condition. According to the British Lung Foundation there are an estimated 2.8 million people who are unaware that they have a lung disease (BLF Invisible Lives, 2007).

A “Lung Health Check” involves a discussion to carefully document any predisposing risk factors to developing lung disease as well as a discussion about your current about your symptoms. A comprehensive physical assessment will be carried out and will include:

  • Spirometry – a breathing test. This measures how well your lungs are working compared to someone of the same age and height as you. We will use this information to estimate your actual lung age.
  • Auscultation – Listening to your breathing using a stethoscope. This can help to identify any abnormalities.
  • Pulse Oximetry – a small monitor is used to provide an indirect measure of how much oxygen is in your blood. Patients with lung disease can sometimes have low levels of blood oxygen.

One of our RespiriCare team will undertake a thorough assessment using their extensive experience of working with patients with lung disease. They will then explain the results of the assessment, and provide you with a treatment programme suited to your specific needs. There will be time available for you to ask questions. It is possible for a written report to be sent to your GP.

If you would like more information or you would like to book an appointment then please do not hesitate to contact us.