Respiricare Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct Policy July 2020

  1. Users of and related equipment and services are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with or harass individual or institutional activities.
  2. Ethical standards that apply to the use of are derived directly from the standards of common sense, decency and courtesy that apply to the use of any shared resource.
  3. If given a promotional code an individual agrees not to share this code with any external organisational individuals. If an individual shares a promotional code, then the funding organisation may seek to recover costs from said individual. RespiriCare LTD cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred if an individual or organisation distributes a promotional code to an incorrect user or other organisation. Internal referrals, within the funding organisation maybe permitted, an individual should check with the course organiser.
  4. The following standards apply to the use of the university's network, equipment, Internet connectivity, services, staff and related resources:
  5. a. Offensive, rude, obscene or harassing material is strictly forbidden.
    b. The aforementioned resources are not to be used for political or commercial purposes.
    c. Inappropriately broadcasting messages to groups or individuals is not allowed.
    d. Any communication which violates applicable laws and regulations is not allowed on or internet connections.
  6. Users and non-users must not encourage, collaborate or tolerate the violation of this Code by any other person. It is RespiriCare LTD policy that anyone with knowledge of violations or suspected violations must report this information to
  7. Users must adhere to the RespiriCare LTD Terms and Conditions.